JBCflat bag duster

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JBC flat bag filter has good performance advantages in dust removal engineering.

JBCflat bag duster

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JBC flat bag filter has good performance advantages in dust removal engineering. Flat bag filter has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, compact structure, low cost of primary investment, stable operation and large air volume.It can produce good dusting effect according to certain standard and performance and fully show its performance value.

It is one of the most important performance of mechanical vibrating flat bag filter to improve the technical and economic index.The most basic requirement of large scale is that the floor area of cloth bag filter should be small, while flat bag filter and round bag filter should cover an area of about 4 times smaller, which creates a condition for reducing the filter speed, selecting a thicker dust layer and a longer dust cleaning cycle.The ash layer contains incomplete desulfurizer, so the desulfurization rate is about 10 percentage points higher than the electric bag filter.

The inner bag of flat bag filter is arranged in an orderly way, and the air flow of bag filter remains stable.Without drape and even dust, bag-dust collector has special airflow channel, airflow flow is unimpeded.

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