PC340 Komastu Excavator idler

BrandModel TrackrollerCarrierRoller Sprocket(segment) IdlerCaterpillar E320 117-5045 8E5600 8E9805 7Y1601 Caterpillar E315 117-5045 8E5600 102-8134 7Y1601 Caterpillar E200B 117-5045 8E5600 096-4327 7Y1601 Caterpillar E70B 6I6524 8E5600 096-

PL single-machine duster

PL single-machine dusterChina flat bag duster supplierbag type dust collectorPL single machine dust collector is widely used in foundry industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, cement building materials, chemical products, grinding wheel

UF single-machine bag duster

UF single-machine bag dusterbag type dust collectorsingle-machine bag duster36 UF single-machine bag duster economical and practical, simple and compact structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance, mainly used for a variety of top,

JBCflat bag duster

JBCflat bag dusterChina flat bag duster supplierChina single-machine duster factoryJBC flat bag filter has good performance advantages in dust removal engineering. Flat bag filter has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, low ener

CK6163E Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

CK6163EHeavy Duty CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineProduct main features and uses:This Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machinecan undertake a variety of turning workpiece, it can turning the various parts of the outer circl

H6236 Double Head CNC Lathe Machine

H6236Double Head CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe Features :Two spindleTaiwan higher accuracy linear guidewaysHigher working efficiencyAutomatic lubricatingApplication :The Double Head CNC Lathe Machinei

H36 Linear Guide Rail CNC Lathe

H36Linear Guide Rail CNC LatheFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe Features:Higher accuracy Taiwan linear guidewaysHigher speed spindle unit,Optional homemade spindleHigher rigidity cast ironApplication:The machine is suitab

CK6140 CNC Lath Machine

Flat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Horizontal Lathe Factory ChinaFeatures:Four position electric turretFrequency conversion stepless speed regulationStandard configuration :manual chuckOptional configuration:spring collet ,hydraulic chuck ,auto

CQK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

CQK6140CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineHeavy Duty CNC Lathe MachineProduct description:1.Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw tran

light duty slotted angle shelving system

Hot galvanized slotted angle steel iron rack shelving is mainly composed of pillars and steel laminates. It is suitable for manual access to lighter goods. Slotted angle steel shelving it can be used with plastic turnover box to store a var

Universal Flange Adaptor (AF101)

Supply AbilitySupply Ability:500 Ton/Tons per MonthPackagingDeliveryPackaging DetailsPlywooden case or PalletsPortQingdao Port• Dimension Range from DN50 to DN400• Ductile Iron GGG50 material with FBE coated• PN10,PN16 working pressure•

A useful engineering tool - hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic rams and cylinders play a significant role in Engineering and are used in various areas. Here is a brief information about the functions of a hydraulic ram and cylinder, their working, their parts and their application areas.Appli

Pressure screen

Huatao supply high quality pressure screen1. Upflow presssure screenApplication: Used for coarse screening and fine screening of the deinking pulp,waste paper pulp.2. Outflow presssure screenApplication: Outflow pressure screen used for coa

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